Consumer Journey Insights

I want to increase revenue of the existing product in the existing market

What are the key aspirations/pain points of the consumers for the category?

Adjacent interests - music, influencers, sports..

Other demographic factors - income level, employment, age group

How is the consumer intent for purchase changing over time?

How does the intent for the same needs vary across consumer segments?

Gaps in existing market in satisfying consumer needs

Which options do consumers become aware of, when they look for a solution?

Which brands’ visibility are aligned with consumer intent?

What values of the consumers is the brand aligned with?

Identification of product attribute combinations matter for different customer persona

Is there a mismatch between brand awareness and revenue - what causes this?

Which channels do different consumer segments prefer for purchase?

What drives consumer advocacy/detraction in the category? - Quality, value for money, accessibility

Consumer perception of the brand vs the competition

Quantify the impact of the various consumer expectations on revenue