You don't need to fumble in the dark to understand US toy buyers

Actionable insights for the educational toys consumers’ journey. Market and competitive intelligence for every toy across categories.

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Insights Reports

Insights Reports

Smart Dashboard

Smart Dashboard

Insights Reports

Custom offering for your brand

Powering brands to win the holiday season!

Winning catalog

Winning catalog

The product enables brands to build catalogs armed with quarterly, monthly and weekly trend estimates - reduced stockout, focus on higher margin products.

Marketing in cheat mode

Marketing in cheat mode

Bid on your consumer needs and not keywords. Precise understanding of consumer needs, and expectations helps identify hidden promotion, pricing and placement opportunities.

Pre-empt consumer needs

Pre-empt consumer needs

1/3rd of the catalog gets replaced every year. Don’t base it on guess. AI driven insights throws up innovation opportunities that aligns with your business goals.

Get 360o understanding of the consumer and the market. Take actions for revenue growth.

Insights Reports

Sub-category level needs of the consumer, awareness of products & brands, Sales estimates and consumer sentiments.

Smart Dashboard

SKU-by-SKU analysis of Sales data in an interactive dashboard. Market share, white spaces, Opportunities highlights

Customized - Insights for your brand

Tailored for your brand. Experts Curated Monthly Reports.

The Intelligent Decision-making Engine

What inputs drive your buyer journey insights?




Trusted by the world’s most data driven businesses

At all stages of growth


What is in the report & dashboard?

What is in the report & dashboard
  • 5000 brands analysed
  • 100s of product spaces
  • More than 30 product attributes
  • ~20 Billion USD - Annual Revenue of products
  • More than 50,000 SKUs analysed
  • Likes and Dislikes by specific products
  • Key needs expressed by the toy buyers
  • Identifying channel-product fit


Choose from our affordable 3 packages


Ideal for startups entering US market

What's included:

  • Latest data and insights
  • Sub-category insights-level
  • Explainers
  • Multiple marketplaces
  • PDF reports


Ideal for Businesses growing in the US market

Everything in Startup plus

  • SKU-level insights and data
  • Self-serve smart dashboard
  • Weekly update of data
  • Daily Smart alerts
  • 2 Users


Ideal for Businesses with a significant market share

Everything in Growth plus

  • Your brand level analysis
  • Downloadable presentations and data
  • Daily update of data for 3 months
  • Granular Smart alerts for market changes
  • Experts curated actionable insights
  • 5 users