We send you a WhatsApp message every time there is a drop in 10 key metrics relating to orders.

3X decrease in unfulfilled orders

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Daily reporting

  • Platform sends you report on the 10 key order metrics everyday.
  • This includes current values and risk status for each of the metrics

Actionable alerts

  • You are notified as soon as one of the metrics moves to danger zone so that you can act preemptively.
  • You can drill down with WhatsApp messages. No complicated dashboards.

How it works


Artificial intelligence learns from your historical data of your orders as well as industry standards for the metrics


Continuously tracks metrics and captures as soon as there is unusual drop in key order metrics


Provides probable underlying factors that cause a risk for you to deep dive

Trusted by the world’s most data driven businesses

At all stages of growth


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Daily Reports


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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Total Orders
  • Percentage of orders fulfilled
  • Average fulfillment time
  • Time to ship
  • Products returned
  • Fulfillment cost per order
  • Average units ordered
  • Average order value
  • Returned items
  • Return rate

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We check the metrics every 2 hours and send you an alert if something is wrong.

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